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The Nikon D2H Experience.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

How did I get here? Happens to be a fascination with history and how things develop. It started when I found myself favoring the older Ai/Ais and Screw Driver (D) Lenses over current production lenses. So when I began research on the D2H I was motivated by its older technology. I wanted to challenge myself as a photographer to rely on skill and technique rather than equipment. I found myself a D2H that was in great shape with less than 30K shutter clicks. I first paired the D2H with Nikon 28-105 3.5-4.5 Macro lens to feel it out. I noticed that to achieve acceptable images it was best to stay within the ISO range of 200-400 and that the LCD display didn't really do the image quality justice. When I got home and uploaded the images to photoshop, I was amazed at the colors that were produced. Fascinated by the image quality from a 4.1 MPS sensor. Here are some photos from the D2H.

Nikon D2H was released 7/22/2003. This was home grown by Nikon sporting its own JFET-LBCAST Sensor (Only Used in D2H/D2HS) and aimed towards action/sport photographers due to its speed.

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