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Remembering The Victims Of The Storm Of 1928

Just 90 years ago, Today, Florida was devastated By a Deadly storm That Left Thousands Homeless And A Range Of 1,770-2,300 Estimated Deaths. Around 75% Of The Deaths Were Among Migrant Farm Workers, Most Of Whom Were Black. Black Victims Were Either Burned Or Thrown Into Mass Burial Sites (West Palm Beach and Port Mayorca), While Caskets Were Used For The Body Of Whites. In addition, It Was The White Victims That Recieved A Proper Burial. So I Wanted To Honor The Victims Of This Storm That ironically Has no Official Name With A Photo Shoot. Incense Were Burnt to Connect With The Spirits Of Those Victims. And White Roses and White Candles Were Used To Represent Light And Love.

May You All Rest In Peace! You Are Not Forgotten!

Love And Light!

(Few Facts)

- This Hurricane Did Encourage The First Major Flood Effort

-A Dike Was Built In Effort To Contain The Waters

- African American Author Zora Neale Hurston Included This Storm In Her Book " Their Eyes Were Watching God"

-This Storm Is Ranked 5th As The Strongest Landfall Hurricane (160mph)

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