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Full Blue Moon In Taurus

October 30, 2020 @ 2037 Hrs

What a powerful Moon! This Full moon is called a the blue moon because it is the second full moon this month. The first full moon occurred when the sun was in the sign of Libra (Illuminating the person, places and/or things that did not create harmony or balance, as well as bringing light to the truth. This Taurus Full Moon occurring in the sign of (Sun) Scorpio invites you to find/obtain your power through transformation. The moon represents our mind, emotional security and intuition. Being in the sign of Taurus, this moon wants to feel secure. Taurus is a sign of stability. This could indicate the area in which you need to focus on to transform (Scorpio) or change. Where are you really comfortable in your life? Where are you being stubborn/resistant to change? What is costing you your stability? Utilize this powerful moon to aid in your transformation!

"Like The Phoenix, We Rise From The Ashes!"

Written By: RYn

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